Your Teams. Our Beans. What is Back-Check Coffee?

Your Teams. Our Beans. What is Back-Check Coffee?

Back-Check Coffee was created to give back to the hockey community that has given so much to us and our families. 

We are starting locally in the Pittsburgh area, but hoping to expand to all major hockey cities to help kids that may not have the funding to be able to play such an expensive sport. 

After many different brainstorming sessions, we found that splitting 50% of the net profits through fundraising would be the best way to get money right back into the organizations. 

Our goal is to be able to donate over $1 million dollars in 2023. We hope to eventually get to the point where some organizations may be free to play, all while everyone enjoys a great cup of coffee (and other items, as we actually aren't just a coffee company. More news on that later...)

As the volume of what we sell increases, we hope to decrease our cost, which will create a larger donation portion and ultimately get to our goals faster. 

Thank you in advance for making sacrifices to have your kids play such an amazing sport and for being a part of our process in reducing stress of a chaotic hockey world, one cup of coffee at a time.

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