Who is Back-Check Coffee?

Welcome to Back-Check Coffee, where our passion for hockey and the well-being of hockey families drives everything we do. Founded by Mike and Melissa, a dedicated hockey family themselves, our company was created with the goal of alleviating the financial burden faced by many hockey families.

Having experienced the struggles firsthand, Mike, a former hockey player turned coach in the Pittsburgh area, witnessed the challenges that families face to support their young athletes. Motivated to make a difference, Mike and Melissa brainstormed and conceived the idea of Back-Check Coffee.

At Back-Check Coffee, we are committed to giving back to the hockey community. We pledge to donate 50% of our net profits to hockey families or specific teams engaged in fundraisers. By purchasing our delicious coffee, you not only fuel your own passion for a great cup of joe, but you also contribute to the support and growth of the hockey community.

Together, as a team of hockey enthusiasts, we are determined to empower hockey families and ensure that financial constraints do not hinder the growth and participation of young athletes. By choosing Back-Check Coffee, you become a crucial part of this mission, enabling us to continue making a difference in the lives of hockey families.

Join us in savoring great coffee and supporting the hockey community one cup at a time. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the future of the game we love.